Eyebrow Wigs Are A Thing And Now Sparse Eyebrowed People Can Finally Be Saved

I want you all to sit down because I have big news...

By Nicky Idika

I'm ready for the eyebrow wig movement.

I want you all to sit down because I have big news.

What if I told you that wigs weren't just for heads anymore? Eyebrow wigs are a thing that exist and they're here for anyone who wants perfect brows without the daily struggle of drawing them in.

Not only are these groundbreaking for people with medical reasons for hair loss, but folks with sparse eyebrows can also find these useful.

The "wigs" are strips of hair turned into the shape of naturally fuller brows. There's no tattooing or extensions involved. You smooth some eyelash glue on them and position them over your real eyebrows.

Colour choice is key so you probably want to rock the closest thing to your natural eyebrow/hair colour.

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I, for one, cannot wait until these things are fully incorporated into everyone's beauty routines because it takes me a smooth 10 minutes to do my eyebrows and this has to end.





QUIZ: Go On A Shopping Spree At Lush And We'll Reveal Your Teen Stereotype

If someone were to offer me a shopping spree at Lush I would be halfway through selecting face masks before they could even finish their sentence.

By Nicky Idika @adulthumanbeing

Shopping spree at Lush? Yes pleeeeease.

If someone were to offer me a shopping spree at Lush I would be halfway through selecting face masks before they could even finish their sentence. Based on what you would snap up if you were given a Lush shopping spree, we think we can accurately guess your "teen stereotype".

This "Riverdale" Theory About Betty's Secret Brother Will Actually Ruin Bughead

The season finale of Riverdale left us with too many cliffhangers to count. Is Jughead a serpent now? Will Fred Andrews survive the shooting? Did Clifford Blossom ~actually~ kill himself? And who the jolly f*ck is Betty's secret older brother?

By Katie Louise-Smith

Ok but what if this actually happened?

The season finale of Riverdale left us with too many cliffhangers to count. Is Jughead a serpent now? Will Fred Andrews survive the shooting? Did Clifford Blossom ~actually~ kill himself? And who the jolly f*ck is Betty's secret older brother?

Yep, in case you forgot about that tiny bombshell that Alice Cooper dropped mid-way through that last episode, let us remind you. Alice invited Jughead and FP to dinner where the latter promptly reminds the Coopers of their massive argument before their own Homecoming dance - before Alice tells him to shut up. Later on, Alice reveals to Betty that she was pregnant in high school and was forced to give the baby up for adoption.

But what if the REAL reason behind the fight was because Hal was not the father of the baby... and someone else was?


Alice and FP know each other VERY well. In fact, it's pretty clear that the pair shared a fiery relationship before she cleaned up her Serpent past and became "Mrs Cooper". Remember when FP confronted Alice outside Jughead's birthday party? "You may not live on the Southside anymore, you may not dress like you're from the Southside, but we both know the truth: Snakes don't shed their skin so easily." Iconic.

Alice also tries to shut it down every time FP mentions something from their days at high school. It's entirely possible that Alice and FP were a thing back when Alice and Hal first got together and she is trying ever so desperately to keep that a secret. Also, sexual tension dot com, lads.

So, yeah what if Hal made Alice give up the baby because he knew it was FP's and not his? Well, it turns out that this theory seems even more legit when you think about WHO the frickity frack their son could be...

Wait... WHAT?!

Let's just lay down the evidence real quick. Betty worked out that her brother must be a few years older than her and Polly, so around 20-ish. We know that Joaquin doesn't go to school, so we can assume that he's probably a little older than our core squad. We know very little about his life; serpent, lives on the Southside, kept his surname a secret for ages...

But what's even more mind blowing is that Rob Raco, the actor who plays him, has been teasing this whole thing over on his Twitter account for weeks now. He's trolling, right?

And here's where it gets real AF. It turns out that he looks EXACTLY like the two of them when they were younger. Blue eyes, dark hair, shape of the mouth, eyebrows... This is probably just a coincidence, right? RIGHT?

So, what do you think? Is the secret baby an Alice and FP secret love child? We are convinced. Yes. (Nightmare for Betty and Jughead, btw) And is their secret love child Joaquin? Quite possibly but the jury is still out on that one... We do not know.

What we DO know, thanks to Aguierre-Sacasa, is that Betty's brother will be introduced "in the most dramatic, unexpected way." And to that we say, BRING. IT. THE F*CK. ON.


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'13 Reasons Why' Is The New Netflix Show Everyone Is Talking About

"Get a snack, settle in, cos I'm about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended"

On Friday, Netflix launched it's latest TV series, 13 Reasons Why, an adaption of YA novel (of same name) by Jay Asher, and it's already become a word-of-mouth sensation on social media.

"Hey, it's Hannah. Hannah Baker. Don't adjust your whatever-device you're hearing this on. It's me. Live and in stereo. No return engagements, no encore, and this time absolutely no requests. Get a snack, settle in, cos I'm about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if you're listening to this tape, you were one of the reasons why."

Those are the chilling words that Clay Jensen's hears through his Dad's boombox. Two weeks after Hannah's death, a mysterious package is delivered to his home, containing 13 tapes that Hannah recorded explaining the thirteen reasons why she killed herself, and Clay is one of them. He has to listen to the tapes to discover how he fits in but in the process discovers how other classmates at their school are also implicated.

The show had been praised for it's unflinching portrayal of depression, bullying and suicide and after viewing the first six episodes ourselves, we have to say it's one of the most impressive pieces of teen-based drama we've ever seen. Here's a breakdown of why.


Often in TV and film, bullying is portrayed as one-off bursts of violence, or occasional insults in school hallways. There are very few examples that have shown the full extent of what it's like to be bullied. This is something 13 Reasons Why deals with head on. As the series progresses, you see how Hannah is continually taken advantage of, outcasted, publicly ridiculed, sexual harassed and slut shamed, both in real life and online, especially through the use of group messaging. Soon enough, you start to realise how things which are viewed as small things, to some people, can become part of a bigger, much more horrifying picture.


Showing a diverse range of stories was clearly important to the creators of the show. But the crucial difference between 13 Reasons Why and other shows is that, as Affinity Magazine noted, each character is developed to their full potential and given adequate screen time. The characters are multi-dimensional and their stories often take you in directions you wouldn't expect, resulting in some amazing performances from all the cast and they bring a new lease of life to many troupes of teen dramas.


We don't know who is responsible for the soundtrack of this show but, whoever they are, they deserve a pay rise. New bands like The Japanese House, Eagulls and LUH jostle for time with older artists like Joy Division, Elliot Smith and Echo and the Bunnymen. The soundtrack mirrors the show as a whole in paying homage to teen dramas while paving it's own path.


Now, we're only on episode 7 at the time of writing so we haven't got to the scene where Hannah eventually takes her own life. From what we've read online it's fairly explicit, as is another scene involving sexual assault. There's been considerable debate since the show aired as to whether such unfiltered scenes are really needed. Some have called it "gratuitous" while others have praised it for its unflinching realism. The important thing is that given suicide and self harm among teenagers is still tragically high, and campus rape is still far too common, the show will undoubtedly spark conversations and bring awareness to these issues. In m opinion, this is undoubtedly a good thing.


The more we watch Hannah, the more we fall in love with her. Katherine Langford, the Australian born actress who plays Hannah, does a fantastic job in making Hannah very personable and so as the show goes on, and more bad things happen to her, it becomes incredibly difficult to watch. The sense of injustice is palpable.

One of the recurring themes of the show is how no one close to Hannah picked up on how miserable and intolerable her life had become. What Katherine does so well is showing how Hannah hides the fear, insecurity, paranoia and abandonment she's feeling as a result of the bullying. It's almost impossible to walk away from the show without questioning how you can better interact with other people, support your friends and how to pick up the early warning signs that someone might be struggling. If the show has one real victory, it's this.


There is Actually a Scientific Reason Why You Are Obsessed with Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters

We've been sleuthed.

If you could only buy your clothes from one store every day for the rest of your life, which store would you choose? Would you head straight to Topshop? What about H&M? Urban Outfitters? Or would you lock yourself in your nearest Hot Topic and never leave the shop floor ever again? (You'd pick the last two wouldn't you? Same.)

Apparently, there's a reason why we're all so obsessed with shopping at Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic at the moment.

A study was carried out on 220 million consumers (that's a big number innit?) that looked into their shopping habits over the last six months and ol' faithfuls UO and HT came out as the number one places to shop for millennials.
So why are so many of us spending so much time inside the hallowed doors of both stores? Well, apparently it all comes down to ~nostalgia~.

Fashionista reports that the two brands' cheeky penchant for the throwback 90's vibes is really striking a chord with the attitudes and styles of today's millennials. From your ripped jeans, down to your vintage band t-shirts, both stores have got it on lock.

Urban Outfitters have also been catering for the sudden rise in demand for old school sports brands too, like Fila and Ellesse. In fact, since UO dropped the new brands last summer, there's been a reported increase in sales over the past six months.

And as for Hot Topic, they've been busy tapping into all your fandoms; from the newest band t-shirts, right up to limited edition fashion collections based on movies like Suicide Squad and TV shows (Supernatural, Stranger ThingsOnce Upon A Time etc...)